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Standard Cleaning:

A “standard cleaning” is if your place is already pretty tidy and you need a professional cleaning expert to come in and give it a better overall cleaning. If your place hasn’t been cleaned in a while, we would definitely recommend you select one of the below extras. For most customers it is often the kitchen, bathrooms, floors, and dusting around the home.

Extra Love On Bathrooms and Kitchen:

Pretty simple – your professional cleaning expert will spend roughly an hour more on the bathrooms and kitchen. We’ve found that often times the most dirtiest places in a home are the kitchens and bathrooms and they need some extra TLC. 

Deep Cleaning:

If you want more of a deep cleaning, that means that you’d like your cleaning expert to spend extra time on the bathrooms, kitchen, and main living areas. Usually we recommend this if you haven’t cleaned your place in a while. The deep clean package is not for if you want your place looking brand-spankin’ new! If you need a more heavy detailed cleaning, such as baseboards, very small detailing around corners, etc. hourly cleaning is definitely the best bet.

Hourly Cleaning:

Hourly cleanings are the best choice if you want the most detailed cleaning for your home. You purchase a set number of hours and your cleaning expert will do as much as possible within the time frame provided. This can also be for more specific cleaning as well and you can provide direction to your cleaning expert on what exactly you would like to get done. For example, if you want them to focus 2 hours on dusting and organizing your antique unicorn doll collection, that’s totally cool! You prioritize whatever you’d like them to clean and the level of detail for each section! Please call us at 941-357-7JPK (7575) to discuss if this is what you’re looking for. Please note that the hourly rate is PER cleaning expert (minimum of 2)!

“Is there any catch I’m not seeing here?”

We’re totally serious about the no hidden fees/no surprises policy. Your time is valuable and we want you to spend that time with family, on your career, or just relaxing, so we try to make everything as smooth and seamless as possible!

We do want to point out a couple services in particular that our cleaning experts will not do:

  • Wet wiping light fixtures: because of the breakage and timing factor.

  • Moving furniture: because furniture is heavy and your cleaning experts don’t want to damage anything moving it!

  • Wall cleaning: because it can potentially damage paint

“That sounds just peachy! Now what?!”

Awesome! We’re just as excited to wow you and make your life more worry-free! Contact us today to schedule you appointment at

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